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Introducing our New mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

Tap on the relevant button to get started. Once you’ve registered you will be sent a FREE GIFT just for joining.

Why should I join the app?

There’s lots more to look forward to after your FREE GIFT has arrived:

  • Collect points as you shop (1 point per £1 spend)
  • Spend your points – Once you have 500 points, convert them into £5 store spend. (That’s double the value of Nectar points… just saying!)
  • Add spare change on as credit or save for big occasions like Christmas
  • Be the first to hear about our latest special offers
  • Get exclusive app member deals, offers and prizes
  • View your points totals instantly


If users want the full experience of our app they need to allow notifications. If they don’t, they will not receive news of our special offers, exclusive sales, gifts or any other important information.

Already have a Loyalty Card?

If you’re already a member, you can link your card with your new app account. Just follow the simple instructions below:

  • Open the Whitehouse Butchers App
  • Make sure you’re registered and logged in
  • Go to your Account screen by tapping the icon in the top right
  • Tap the ‘Link Card’ button
  • Type in the number on the reverse of your Loyalty Card
  • Allow up to 7 working days for the linking process to be completed
  • We’ll notify you once this process is complete

Missing Points?

We’re happy to add them! If you’ve shopped with us and for any reason have missed out on loyalty points, please complete this form and we’ll aim to add your points within 7 working days.

    Are you registered on our App?

    You can either upload an image of your receipt or provide the transaction number as shown on the image below.

    Please select your option below:

    Upload ImageEnter Transaction Number

    Terms & Conditions

    Loyalty points belong to a loyalty scheme.

    Points have no monetary value outside of any Whitehouse Butchers store.

    The addition of loyalty points is entirely at a branch manager or supervisor’s discretion.

    A valid Loyalty Card must be presented at the time of purchase to collect loyalty points. Whitehouse Butchers and its employees have the right to deny the addition of points to a customer’s account if the customer does not present a valid loyalty card.

    Retrospective addition of points for previous transactions shall not be permitted (an exemption to this would be a till fault, whereby receipts are sent to head office and added manually within 7 working days). Points are non-transferable (separate accounts cannot be merged or combined).

    Whitehouse Butchers has the right to terminate the use of a loyalty card. Further to this, they also maintain the right to remove accumulated points at any time. This may be in result of a form of misconduct. Including but not limited to Payment fault, Shoplifting, Physical or verbal abuse of staff, and/or intimidation.