Whether you want a traditional, no fuss, or just a whole lotta meat kind of Christmas; we’ve got Whole Turkeys, Turkey Breast, and Meat Hampers options to suit all!

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Our Christmas Turkeys

It’s the centrepiece of Christmas day, so make it one of our British, Grade A Turkeys. If you need any advice on sizes or cooking times, check out our Turkey Calculatorsor find out how to avoid a dry Christmas Turkey.

Christmas Turkey Breasts

The easiest way to do your turkey this Christmas. 100% breast meat means it will cook more evenly and have less chance of drying out. Skip tradition and make your life simple this Christmas.

Christmas Hampers

Over our many Christmases in the meat business, we’ve found that many customers want an all-in-one option for the festive meat. That’s why we offer a variety of hampers to suit all family sizes and appetites. The core of the hampers includes Turkey, Beef, Gammon & Pork. Our Extras Hamper is the perfect accompaniment to the meat hampers for the best Christmas feast!

British Beef

British Beef is on our shelves all year round and Christmas is no exception. We also source as much local Staffordshire Beef as we can get our hands-on. Try serving your beef slightly pink this year for a succulent and tasty roast!

Roasting Beef joint

Gammon Ham

Our sweet and salty Gammon Ham is perfect as an addition to the roast or even better sliced cold on Boxing Day. Boil it then roast it to get the most out of the flavour. We’re particularly fond of this recipe for Coca-Cola® Ham.

Gammon Joint on chopping board with onion, carrot, garlic & peppercorns

More Options

Pork Loin

As you can see from above, we’re a champion of British produce. However, we’ve tested farms and suppliers across the land and they never compare to the consistency of our Spanish Pork Loin. Served with Crackling or without, these pork joints will be juicy, tender, and tasty time after time! Grab yourself a thermometer in-store or online and be sure that you never overcook your meat ever again.

Christmas Extras

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