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It may not have gotten off to the best start but Summer is officially here and we can’t wait to be a part of yours! Here at Whitehouse Butchers, we’re all about family and can’t think of anything better than having a barbecue at home with our nearest and dearest. It’s not where you are but who you’re with and the food your eating!

As many of our regular customers will have noticed, we’ve had lots of fantastic Special Offers so far this year and Summer will be no exception! Our British Beef Bundle and Meat for the Week were winners with many returning and first-time customers, so keep a lookout for our weekly deals.

Our BBQ range with over 80 Mix & Match 2 for £7, 3 for £10 options will of course be at centre stage over the next few months. We’ll also be introducing a selection of BBQ Meat Packs for an easy pick-up and go option.

We’re particularly proud of our Beef Burgers and last summer we produced over 130,000 for our fantastic customers. They also received a wonderful review from a new customer: ‘Wow!!! Your burgers are incredible! So tasty and don’t shrink at all! Proper man burgers as my son calls them, will definitely be a staple in my fridge from now on’.


Meat is what we do and from our many decades of trade, we understand that on the rare occasion a cut of meat may not be quite right. We want our customers to feel assured when contacting us if ever there’s a problem, as customer feedback is so important to us. That’s why we’ve introduced our Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee states that we’ll happily refund, replace or credit any meat products that our customers aren’t completely satisfied with. Find out more…

Customer feedback sometimes prompts us to add new products or services. For example, due to demand, we opened our online store outside of the festive season for the first time this Easter to huge success. We had two overwhelmingly successful Christmases online and agreed that it was time to make it a more permanent fixture to our shopping experience.

We also decided to introduce more meat packs as our regular customers were actively asking for an all-in-one option that would cover the week, breakfast, or a BBQ for the family.

Whatever the nature of the feedback, we’re here to listen and do what we can to make our customers happy!


Our New Mobile App is in full swing and is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play now!

 All new users get a FREE GIFT just for registering so it’s a no-brainer. Existing Loyalty Cardholders can even link their account to the app in order to keep adding to their current point total. You get 1 point per £1 spent and can redeem store spend once you’ve reached 500 points.

What many customers don’t realise is that we give double what Nectar cards do (500 Whitehouse Points = £5 store spend, 500 Nectar Points = £2.50 store spend). That’s another reason to download the app and shop with us!

Whether it’s this Summer or next, we look forward to welcoming you into one of our stores sometime soon!

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Turkey Calculators

Turkey Experience

Turkey Calculator

Apart from Christmas time, we don’t cook Turkey all that often. It’s no surprise then, when it comes down to it, we’re not sure how to cook or even buy the right turkey. So, we thought, why not make it easier for people to find out important numbers and figures about Turkeys? That’s why we decided to create our easy to use Turkey Calculators.

You can use these alongside our article on avoiding the dreaded dry Christmas Turkey. Avoid the guesswork and increase your chances of a smooth Christmas when it comes to the main event.



Turkey Calculators

Not sure how much oven time your Christmas Turkey needs? Use the Roasting time calculator to help you out.

Bought a frozen Christmas Turkey and need to get it ready to roast? Follow this guide on defrost times.

The guest list is finalised but you’ve no idea how much Turkey they’re going to eat… not to worry, our weight estimator will give you a rough guide on the size of Turkey/Turkey Breast you need.

You’ve got the know how. Now you just need the Turkey to test your new found knowledge on. We’ve got fresh, grade A Turkeys, Turkey Breasts & Hampers from £20 to suit all budgets and tastes. Buy Now, Collect Christmas Week!

Christmas Turkey on White Background with red text
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How to Avoid a Dry Christmas Turkey

The Problem

We’ve all been there. The big day arrives and you, or some other mad person who decided to take on Christmas dinner, brings out the Christmas Turkey. The centrepiece, the main event, the plat du jour!

Family around the table for Christmas Turkey Dinner

Yes! It looks superb with its crispy skin, gently steaming as it approaches the mishmash of tables covered in your trusty Christmas tablecloth. Your guests are half cut, waiting with plates teeming with the usual greens and potatoes, their crackers have been pulled and paper hats have been donned in preparation.

Nan gives out a supportive ‘wowwww!’ as you pretend to sharpen your biggest kitchen knife. The knife goes in. The turkey is dry. You plate up regardless as that’s just the way Turkey is… It’s always been that way. You all tuck in, savouring the gravy for moisture. Most aren’t that fond of Turkey and neither are you… it’s just tradition.

Wrong, wrong, they’re all wrong!

The Solution

We want to put this Christmas myth to rest and to make sure your Christmas Turkey or Turkey Breast is anything but dry! Just follow our Dos & Don’ts guide below to attain Christmas Turkey perfection…


Do make sure to get your turkey to room temperature, before cooking.

This may seem odd to some but putting any ~4°C piece of meat into a hot oven is going to make it tighten up, which will lead to a tougher texture. Leave your turkey at room temperature for about 1-1.5 hours (give joints 30-45 mins). This way the meat has less of a shock when entering the oven and retains more of its moisture.

Do cook at 180°C

You’re probably sick of seeing this temperature on food boxes and packaging but for Turkeys it really is the best way to ensure an even roast without drying everything out. For even more accuracy, get your hands on an in-oven thermometer to make sure your oven is doing what it should be.

Do calculate cooking times based on weight

Leave guesswork to the amateurs on this one. You can use the weight specified on the packaging or use your kitchen scales to double check. Give our easy to use Turkey Calculators a try for good indications of times and weights.

Do use a probe or thermometer

Red Meat thermometer, showing 73.4C

We believe every kitchen should have a thermometer. Not only to ensure you’re not overcooking your meat but to ensure it’s cooked enough to safely eat. Check your Turkey 30 mins before the end of the recommended cooking time. The middle of the breast and middle of the thigh should be 70 -75°C. Be sure to avoid touching any bone with the thermometer.

Do rest the Christmas Turkey after it is cooked

You’ve definitely heard how meat should always be rested and it’s certainly no old wife’s tale. Resting really makes a difference. In all honesty, Christmas Turkeys do look prettiest when they are just out of the oven but don’t be tempted! Open out 5 tea towels and place them flat. Place a large plate on top of these and a large piece of foil (shiny side up) on the plate. Place the Turkey on top and cover in more foil (shiny side in) and wrap securely. Now find as many extra tea towels as you can find and cover the turkey with them until you can no longer feel the heat from the Turkey. This can be left up to 3 hours with the Turkey staying warm inside.


Don’t panic

Worrying over the presentation or how pretty your Christmas Turkey looks too much is a waste of energy. Your guests will remember a tasty Christmas dinner over the fact that one of the legs isn’t quite at that perfect golden brown.

Don’t microwave

The microwave is a handy way to get your veg piping hot before serving but keep your Turkey away! If your turkey gets cold, leave it that way. Microwaving your Turkey may get it nice and hot but it’s a one-way ticket to dry town. TOP TIP: Heat your plates in the bottom of your oven before serving and make sure your gravy is nice and hot. Both the plate and gravy will warm the Turkey without drying it out.

Don’t buy pre-cooked

This is clearly bonkers to us but there are folks out there who buy frozen or fresh, ready cooked Turkeys for their Christmas dinner. It may be a smidge cheaper than fresh but the quality is always going to suffer. Also, you’re just asking for a dry Turkey if you take this path. With fresh, grade A Turkeys from £20 our options certainly won’t break the bank.

Don’t overdo it

There is an abundance of recipes out there on how to keep your turkey moist, from stuffing butter under the skin, basting every 20 minutes, cooking the turkey with the breast down to cooking at 100°C for 265 hours. Save your butter for the parsnips and spend time with your family not your Turkey. Follow our Dos and Don’ts and you won’t go far wrong.

Feel up to the challenge? Order your Christmas Turkey, Turkey Breast or Meat Hamper now… and you’ll be in with the chance of winning Free Meat for a Whole Year !

Christmas Turkey on White Background with red text