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Turkey Calculators

Turkey Experience

Turkey Calculator

Apart from Christmas time, we don’t cook Turkey all that often. It’s no surprise then, when it comes down to it, we’re not sure how to cook or even buy the right turkey. So, we thought, why not make it easier for people to find out important numbers and figures about Turkeys? That’s why we decided to create our easy to use Turkey Calculators.

You can use these alongside our article on avoiding the dreaded dry Christmas Turkey. Avoid the guesswork and increase your chances of a smooth Christmas when it comes to the main event.



Turkey Calculators

Not sure how much oven time your Christmas Turkey needs? Use the Roasting time calculator to help you out.

Bought a frozen Christmas Turkey and need to get it ready to roast? Follow this guide on defrost times.

The guest list is finalised but you’ve no idea how much Turkey they’re going to eat… not to worry, our weight estimator will give you a rough guide on the size of Turkey/Turkey Breast you need.

You’ve got the know how. Now you just need the Turkey to test your new found knowledge on. We’ve got fresh, grade A Turkeys, Turkey Breasts & Hampers from £20 to suit all budgets and tastes. Buy Now, Collect Christmas Week!

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